How to be an excellent Professional Service Company with first class SLAs

You are a small, medium sized or even bigger company and would like to establish, deploy and develop your service business as a diferenciador towards your customer. We can support you to be successful.

How to build a professional Service Business?

Professional Services is the art to ensure the end-to-end SLA between your partners, your company and your customers. Therefore you need to consider, scan and optimize tactical, mid-range and future strategies.

Key strategic decisions

Strategic decisions will have to be made to establish a customer oriented service culture in your company.

  • Governance with Business Case & prices policies, End-to-end value chain without disruption with Processes

  • Make or buy decision and strategic alliances,

Service Portfolio and Sales Setup

Implementation of the Service Portfolio

An attractive service portfolio has to be offered. Depending on the setup, you will have Hardware Service and/or Software Services to be offered to the customer

  • Service Portfolio with commercial price structure and conditions, Customer oriented offerings,

  • Business Cases with an efficient commercial controlling,

  • Service Level Agreements,

  • Risk Management.

Service Procurement Setup

An effective Purchasing team has to be established as service commodities promise cost savings.

  • Service Level Agreements back-to-back,

  • Contract Management

  • Legal and commercial conditions for back-up services and Sales.

Delivery processes with Internal Service Team Setup

An effective and a technically qualified internal service team has to be established. Third Parties have to be aligned.

  • Governance,

  • Human Resources with qualified team,

  • Processes delivery,

  • Quality & costs control,

  • External service co-operation partner.

How can we support you?

Either for the establishment or the review or the negotiation of a Service Level Agreement between you, your customer and/or your service partners, AdGenius and Law Office Gerald Bitzer combine their competences, methodologies and experiences and offer you a “one stop-shopping” .

4 steps to conclude successful Service Level Agreements

These contract management steps will support your company with finding out, developing and achieving your negotiation and contract goals in a promising and realistic way:


  • Covering strategic, legal, commercial and service delivery dimensions

  • Establishing professional SLA contract with reduced risks

  • Reinforcing your customer satisfaction via professional SLA contract

  • Increasing your service business revenues and profits

HOW will our support look like?

Strategic negotiation planning

  • Strategic team setup with cross functional partners,

  • Risks and opportunities,

  • Definition of negotiation targets (considering competition environment, negotiation partner target, negotiation history, challenges),

  • Customer/partner risks and opportunities.

Operational Negotiations

  • Team structure with different tasks and roles,

  • Customer/Partner oriented negotiations,

  • Target levelling with risks and opportunities.

Contracting Phase

  • Legal and contractual wording,

  • Internal decision with final business case,

  • Signatures.


  • Controlling for contractual levelling,

  • Escalation management.


(*) AdGenius domiciliated in Lausanne Switzerland advises and accompanies private and public enterprises in the formulation, improvement and development of their structures in the field of their service activities.


In collaboration with AdGenius the combination of our legal and commercials skills allow us to advise on the establishment, improvement and deployment of professional service contracts (Service Level Agreements - SLAs).

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