Concentrated legal focus on cross-border cases with German business partners

Germany is a major market for many internationally operating companies with different legal rules and business behavior. We offer legal and commercial services in the following areas:

  • Debt Collection of outstanding invoices of German business partners,
  • Commercial and business contracts,
  • Commercial Agents in Germany and commercial distribution law,
  • Business start-up companies in Germany.

Legal debt collection for commercial debts with German business partners

We offer professional legal services for creditors worldwide in debt collection cases with German clients including a wide range of measures out of court and litigation in the Munich area as well as all over Germany.

Negotiating and contracting commercial & business agreements in Germany

Members of foreign negotiation teams will immediately get aware that there are different approaches and methods in negotiations and unknown ways of behavior when they have entered into negotiations with German business partners. The outcome and the success of such negotiations will therefore also depend on the adequate legal knowledge and the right handling of the German and European business partners during the negotiation process until final contract signature.

Commercial Agents and Authorized Dealers in Germany

Co-operation with German commercial sales agents and Authorized Dealers is by far the most effecient strategy as well as cost-effective way of entering the German market but one has to be aware of the fact, that European Union based German legal rules are different. Especially after the termination of the relationship business partners will be confronted with compensation claims.

Your initial request with budgetary cost-check

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You will receive a first initial budgetary cost-check based on your basic information. Professional legal services offered by a professional German attorney are not as expensive as you might think.


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