Contracting commercial cross-border agreements with German business partners

Contracts are fundamental to all business activities and relationships are fundamental to all contracts. Professional contracts therefore are a solid foundation for doing business in Germany.

Germany is a major market for most of the international companies. Most of them are already active in this market and competition is severe. Entering the German market involves considerable investments and risks.

Members of foreign negotiation teams will immediately get aware that there are different approaches and methods in negotiations and unknown ways of behavior when they have entered into negotiation with German business partners. Contracting Rules are different to what is known and familiar so far. The outcome and the success of such negotiations will therefore depend also on the knowledge and the appropriate handling of the German business partners during the negotiation process as well as the consideration of existing legal rules in Germany for the final contract.

Support through the whole contractual life-cycle

We will draft, negotiate, review, interpret, and revise your commercial contracts and will support your contractual team during the whole contractual life-cycle from the planning of the negotiation and the contractual design phase and to the contractual implementation phase until signature and start of the operation and delivery phase.

Success in business negotiations with legal and negotiation excellence

Both Sales and Procurement negotiations are possible with the wide range of contractual relationships in-between: development, supply chain, production issues.  Negotiation targets have to be defined, the negotiation strategy has to be agreed upon,  and team member roles have to be determined always stressing the importance of adapting your negotiation behaviour to the german culture and mentality.

Professional Experience and Confidentiality

We are aware that your internal enterprise data require absolute confidentiality. We guarantee this confidentiallity personally and are prepared to conclude a Non Disclosure Agreement. Additionally protection will be provided by the statues on lawyers in Germany and other general statutes which results in a far higher protection level than available in other service branches.

Attorney Gerald Bitzer - additionally to the legal degree - holds a master degree in Export Business Administration. He has considerable experience in the specific legal areas mentioned and is admitted before the courts since 1989. He has large  practical experience in major international companies and is familiar with international sales and sourcing negotiations until the finalization of business cases. Due to the  understanding of cross-border trade the client's case will be handled with the most advantageous way.


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