Contract with the German partner has to be concluded and in-house team is fixed

There is already a negotiation team in-house nominated and the negotiation and contracting necessity is on the table in your company?

For a successful outcome of your negotiation and a beneficial contract with your German business partners we offer a wide range of supporting and helpful consulting packages:

Basic Package

This is a first generic initial demonstration of the most important rules for negotiations and contracts in Germany and/or Europe. There is no consideration of your plannings. Usually we will hold a 2 hour presentation via phone or a web-session in Skype.

Business Package

This is a standard package which takes into consideration, what you want to achieve and we will come up with an operational negotiation strategy and will support the contractual basics with legal advice. There is an initial 2 hour presentation via phone or a web-session in Skype which is followed by a 2 hour session where you will explain your negotiation targets and the sales and/or purchasing market environment. Final session will be a proposal by us with a final agreement on the negotiation and contracting tactics. We will usually be present locally at the negotiations in Germany and/or Europe.

Professional Package

This is the full package for demanding and challenging negotiations and contracts. Usually the targets are complex and the negotiations and contractual items involved are innovative with high risk of incertainty. Package consists of what we offer in the business package plus further evaluations with your team on the basis of hourly contributions.


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