Non disclosure agreements

In advancee to the negotiations a NDA has to be implemented.

Basic contractual stipulations in German contract law

An increasing number of disputes are arising out of business relationships. Conflicts are carried out to a greater extent without amicable arrangement.

To be in a favourable starting position, it is mandatory to have a solid basis for a claim.

Important questions from a legal point of view are:

  • does a valid contract exist?
  • which are the contracting parties?
  • are services/deliveries in the design phase / delivery phase performed on basis of a valid contract?
  • change management,
  • warranty,
  • liability,
  • applicable law.

General Aspects of Contractual Law - Principle of Precedence

  • Individual Agreement - supersede General Terms,
  • General Terms - have priority to conditions of law,
  • Law - applies as far as individual agreements and General Terms are silent.


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