Legal Enforcement Order for facilitated execution

The European enforcement order is a certificate which enables judgments, court settlements and authentic instruments on uncontested claims in the State of origin to be recognised and enforced automatically in another Member State, without any intermediate proceedings and therefore it is a straightforward and very useful device for cross border enforcement.

This European Enforcement is considered to be legal instrument for the execution of foreign court decisions to save money by eliminating a recognition procedure before the German courts where the decision has to be executed finally.

Steps to achieve a Legal Enforcement Order

  • Final judgement against the debor in the home state (state of origin),
  • The creditor will receive a "European Enforcement Order Certificate". The Application for the European Enforcement Order Certificate (EEO) takes place with a standard form template in the home state (state of origin),
  • Send the EEO certificat to the German enforcement authority.

Documents to be attached

  • Certified copy of the original judgment in the state of origin,
  • Certified translation of the EEO certificate.

Execution of the EEO in Germany

The subsequent execution follows the regular execution rules of Germany. The German Code of Civil Procedure (Zivilprozessordnung - ZPO) applies.






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