Brussels Regulation

An enforcement of a judgement in a European Member State versus a German company or German legal person follows so called "Brussels I Regulation" concerning civil & commercial law with facilitated conditions. This regulation covers more than 27 member states.

No formal Recognition (so called "exequatur") required any more since January 2015

The Brussels Regulation provides for straightforward and facilitated procedures concerning the mutual enforcement of EU judgments without the necessity of a formal recoginition (so called "exequatur"). This legal instrument applies in all cases within the EU where the EEO Regulation system is not applicable.

Procedure and Conditions

The Regulation only applies to judgments or court orders in civil or commercial proceedings and does not apply to arbitration awards, including court orders which give judicial force to an arbitration award.

The application must be made before a German counrty as the enforcing state. Various documents including the judgment and a certified German translation have to be filed.






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